DREAM:  I am in a different classroom, I am arranging all the piles of work for that day on a desk and elsewhere in the room. The room is not mine but more like the 3/4 split, with windows all down the long wall across from the door. I look at my clock and see that it is 11:30. I thought it was more like 9:00. I think I must have forgotten to pick up the kids in the yard. somehow I have spaced out for 2 1/2 hours! I leave to find my students. When I return, the principle is sneaking across the room to throw away the last piece of orange peel from the orange he has eaten. He is wearing a dark blue and grey plaid shirt. He knows I am there. I begin to explain what happened - that I got lost in preparing everything to teach. I see the first-grade teacher in the back third of the room, behind a partition, typing on a computer. I say "hi" and he nods hello. I have an AHA and blurt out my discovery to the principal, "I was so engrossed in getting ready, that time got lost, the way it does when I am making art." I am visibly upset. The principal, who is now wearing a pale pink shirt, hugs me. I nestle into the shirt and sob - he cries too and it feels wonderful. 
The orange peel, the two shirts - especially the pink shirt, and the way it felt to nestle in, are the most vivid parts of the dream. The pastel drawing was a spontaneous reaction to the dream. I don't know where the tree woman came from but she might be me creating the dream.