This image of Green Lake brings me peace every time I turn on my computer!

September 6, 2018

Today’s Question:

What is most important to you? Ah, depends on the day!

What’s on my mind today is all the unrest on this earth! Along with how full of gratitude I am for being alive to enjoy all the beauty in this world! Many times bringing tears of Joy! I know what to do with all the beauty – drink it in, bask in it. But what can I do about the unrest besides cry? Truly, not much because I have no money or power but like we tell our young children “Use Your Words” – so here are a few of mine.

Most of us know that all that exists is energy.  Energy pervades everything that exists – everything is interconnected and interdependent - yes?  With this in mind, I believe that the more we send positive energy into the world, the greater the possibility that we can begin the balance the scales – be the hundredth monkey – contribute to the tipping point.

Every day I harbor the thought that more and more of us will realize that complaining about those who do not accept the reality of climate change, or the damage we are doing to earth, our home, or those who do not see/care about the pain and suffering of many beings, does not help – it actually creates more negative energy!  I hope that we can stop contributing to the problem and find ways we can help stop the damage and support the people who are trying change the way we see our world and our responsibility as stewards of mother earth.  We can support those who focus on realizing equality for every living being and who are espousing positive ways we can create understanding and acceptance instead of fear and hatred.

I see science as a transformative cultural force and want to share what we know of the world with the
Largest possible number of people so that they can not only appreciate the beauty of it all but also be
Informed citizens empowered to make well-informed decisions about their lives and our collective future.

My utopia is that in the next decade we are going to see a rebirth of our humanity, a moral uprising where our relationship with life, human and all other creatures, and with our planet will become the
new universal moral imperative.

- Physicist Marcelo Gleiser
(In an interview for Scientific American by John Horgan on February 26, 2018)